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Sound Insulation

The sound insulation coefficient of movable partitions design comes from many directions, not only in the partition itself but also in other links.

1. Level Sound Insulation

In order to achieve the best sound insulation effect, the upper and lower two layers of noise sound insulation materials are adopted. By using the jack principle, the double-layer rubber bar is tightly pressed on the track and floor of the ceiling to provide high stability active partition.

2. Wall Corner Sound Insulation

The technical problem of treating the seal on the corner of the wall is solved by using the special shaped image wall corner component. At the same time, the superior stability and sound insulation effect have been achieved.

3. Vertical Sound Insulation

All soundproof walls include the soundproof glass are made of highly flexible vertical connection side, concave and convex slot close coordination principle to ensure the best closure and sound insulation effect.

4. Skeleton

In view of the suspending structure of the wall panels, it can shake freely, and the metal hoops between walls are closely combined, thus effectively obstructing the transmission of sound. The panel can be replaced according to the needs of interior design without damaging the whole wall panel.

5. Sound Insulation Material

The skeleton is filled with additional soundproof partition wall materials to achieve different sound insulation requirements.

6. Operation Crank

The manual crank is used to control the expansion of the soundproof bar. The flexible expansion of the rhombus connection of the crank causes the crank not to slide easily.

7. Panel

The wall frame is made up of aluminum alloy and steel tube. The strong and non-deformed skeleton is tightly coupled with the metal hoop of the wall panel, providing great stability and high sound insulation.

Sound InsulationSound InsulationSound Insulation

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