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  • What Kinds of Moving Partition Walls Are There?

    What Kinds of Moving Partition Walls Are There?

    November 12, 20181. Live partition.The so-called living partition is to divide the indoor space vertically and divide the space with a single function into different functions. This form is the most commonly used in i...view
  • Banquet Partition Wall Room Dividers

    Banquet Partition Wall Room Dividers

    October 12, 2018The sliding banquet partition wall system is a tongue and groove combination panel system. All vertical and horizontal structure consists of extruded aluminum assemblies with extruded vinyl. The room ...view
  • Movable Partition Wall 3

    Movable Partition Wall 3

    November 12, 2018As the ultra high version, pattern 100 movable partition wall systems are made up of a series of individual partition panel with ceiling track which make it be able to slide along the track. These mov...view
  • Conference Room Partition Advantage

    Conference Room Partition Advantage

    July 25, 2018The main advantage comes from the different partitions, which makes the whole space look beautiful. If a corporate company's office reflects a company's corporate culture and the office environment is...view
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