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Door within the Movable partition

The Sealing device on board of the door-in-door can automatically open when the door is opened, and automatically seal when the door is closed, without handle operation needed.
Providing customers with excellent sound insulation
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Operable partition standard Parking style

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Logistics issues may arise when transporting (en route or on-site) for tall sized panels.
The special modular technique is employed to produce a single panel with two or more modules. These modules will later accessible on site to form a desired robust panel.
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GaoYou Partition Wall offers two wall sealing solutions to customers for fastening the operable partition system onto the wall.
Bulb seals are fabricated with quality rubber with high resilient and abrasion properties to provide excellent acoustic isolation performance.
Wall jamb can be custom built for aesthetic and acoustic isolation purposes.
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Gaoyou has a highly trained and experienced installation team. Each team members is trained and certificated to install our products in different demanding situations. To date, all members are certified to install tall-sized operable partition system (above 6meters).

Angle steel truss structure

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Box-shaped steel truss structure

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