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GaoYou Movable Wall Partition Maintenance And Repair Guide

As a newly decorative product, Gaoyou movable partition system is becoming more and more popular in design industrial. They were widely used in hotel, conference room, banquet hall and etc.
Although movable partition system brings so much convenience different situations, many of the users can not master the operate skill very well. So, the question is: how to better operate the mobile partition and maintain them? In this article, we will show you some skills about the operation and some repaired maintenance recommendation.


Care of Operation

  • Be certain to retract the top and bottom seal before moving panel, otherwise, the panel will be easily damaged.
  • Take care of the panel finishing during installation or operating, the fabric and leather fabric is not easy
  • to clean once it is spotted or damaged.
  • Keep track alignment with all joints and intersections when installing the track. Spread lightly lubricate on
  • track interior section before you hangs up the partition.
  • Operate slowly and never force the partition panel.
  • Slowly turning every time when you make a turn at the "T" and "L" track junction
  • Not for outdoor using, put the partition panel stay away from water or moisture area
  • Use the partition according to our instruction, make sure all operator are well trained.

Some trouble when stock and repair recommendations:

Anyway please be noticed that Never force the operations of panels! When it's hard to operate, remember to keep it plumb and check the recommendation we mentioned above. Hope this article may helpful for you.

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