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Wooden Movable Partition

Gaoyou wooden movable partition is a kind of active wall which can divide large space into small space or connect small space into large space with general wall function according to the need.

Wooden movable partition is also called wooden partition wall, movable partition wall, operable wall, folding partition wall, mobile partition, movable wall, accordion wall. It has the characteristics of easy installation, reusable, industrial production, fire retardant, environmental protection and so on.

Main model of wooden partition for sale:

65type, 85 type, 100type and ultrahigh type, apply to different ceiling height and soundproof requirement.

Products From Gaoyoupartition
  • 65 Type Wooden Operable Partition

    ■ 65mm thickness panel, Max height up to 4000mm.■ Top supported without floor track or guide.■ clear anodized extruded aluminum tracks and frames,customized powder coated color are available.■ Sou...

  • 85 Type Wooden Flexible Partition

    ■ 85mm thickness panel ,Max height up to 5500mm.■ Top supported without floor track or guide.■ clear anodized extruded aluminum tracks and frames,customized powder coated color are available.■ Sou...

  • 100 Type Wooden Mobile Partition

    ■ 100mm thickness panel, Max height up to 6500mm.■ Top supported without floor track or guide.■ clear anodized extruded aluminum tracks and frames,customized powder coated color are available.■ So...

  • Ultrahigh Type Wooden Movable Partition

    Gaoyou ultrahigh heavy duty Steel track system are used when the partition height or weights limit exceed that recommended for the normal aluminum system. Maximum height can reach to 17meters with pan...

Wooden movable partition material:

The suspension wheel of the broken series products is made of DuPont POM particle material, strong abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, acid, and alkali resistance. Each lifting wheel is made up of two wheels.

The components are made up to reinforce the steel ring. When running on the track, the two wheels rotate in opposite directions (instead of sliding), ensuring smooth running, smooth and no noise. Each partition board is equipped with one or two cranes, with a fine bearing on which the wheel can turn smoothly at 90, 180, 360, and other specific angles without using a steering gear.

65, 85,100, ultrahigh type partition using a PAR sound absorbing glass fiber, the fire resistance, thermal resistance and noise reduction are all in accordance with the ASTM standards in the United States. The formaldehyde release of the base plate is tested by the national building material test center, which is in line with the E1 level formaldehyde release limit index stipulated by the national mandatory standard GB18580 - 2001 "formaldehyde release limit in indoor decoration materials and its products", which can be used directly in the room. The quality of products has passed the national quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and passed the national quality enterprise standard.

Main Features of Wooden Partition Design

1. No floor track, just install the track on the ceiling, suspend from the top.

2. Stability and safety: after separation, it is stable and reliable, and is not easy to swing.

3. Sound insulation and environmental protection: sound insulation effect is good, the maximum sound insulation coefficient can reach 53dB.

4. Heat insulation and energy saving: excellent insulation performance. According to different occupancy rate, large space is divided into small space to reduce power consumption of air-conditioning.

5. Efficient fire prevention: the use of efficient fire-resistant materials, fire performance is good;

6. Beautiful and generous: arbitrary decoration on the surface, which can be decorated with indoor decoration effect.

7. Retractable flexible: the diaphragm can be retractable freely so that one can complete the partition process.

8. Convenient collection: when the board is closed, the clapboard can be hidden in the special storage cabinet without affecting the overall appearance.

9. Widely used: it can be used in the conference hall, exhibition hall, restaurant, banquet hall, hotel, office and so on

Movable Wooden Partition Principle

The movable partition is generally made up of several parts, such as track, horizontal wheel, sealing strip, an outer frame, datum plane material, sound insulation material, transmission rod, sealant strip and so on.

1. Track: the material is made of 6063-T6 anodic alumina, which is used for lifting and hanging screens.

2, Double level hoist: roller material for Korea imported poly-formaldehyde, wire rod material 45 tempered steel, bearing hanging screen, in the horizontal plane can do any angle rotation, can pass the pulley through the road L, T, X intersection.

3, Hanging wheel seat: material is A3 steel, connecting double horizontal lifting wheel and screen function.

4. Upper pressing strip: anodized alumina, sealing the gap between the screen and the ground and smallpox, and sound insulation as a fixed function.

5, Sealant strip: PVC PVC material, the surface color is black, start sealing, sealing light, contact wall buffering function.

6, Datum panel material: medium density fiberboard, all conform to GB/T11718-1999.

7, Soundproof cotton: the adoption of PAR sound absorbing glass fiber, fire resistance, thermal resistance and noise reduction coefficient conform to the relevant ASTM standards of the United States.

8. Frame seals: anodized alumina, vertical locking, sealing the narrow gaps from the screen border.

9, Telescopic mechanism: material is standard 45 steel and spring steel, pressure spring operation, can automatically adjust the gap between the screen and the ground.

10, Stirring hand bar: material is standard 45 steel, used for operation up and down, left and right telescopic mechanism.

11, Cover: the material is standard 45 steel, the surface is black chrome plated, built-in spring, protect the rod device.

Veneer structure

First, the movable partition products are made of modules of glass, melamine board, fireproofing board, color steel plate, plasterboard and other decorative materials.

Two, the interior is made of aluminum alloy frame and steel with fireproof, moistureproof, sound insulation, environmental protection, nondeformation and so on. In the hotel partition layout, color and surface decoration, it maintains the simple and delicate after the hotel partition.

Gaoyou movable partition - one of the best wooden partition manufacturers

It will include the advantages of beautiful, light, high strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, moisture proof, anti-static, smooth surface and easy cleaning, strong combination, convenient construction and so on. At present, the density double-sided plaster plate partition and the clip stamen color plate partition are popularized in the clean and sterile plant and have achieved certain results in the cleanliness of the indoor environment.

Further improvements have to be made on the materials used for the supporting doors and windows, the design of the joints and the construction and installation of the two types of partition, because there are some defects in the installation of a lot of partition, including the two sides of the aluminum alloy observation window on the two types of partition or the exposed windowsill; the doors and windows collide with the thickness of the two types of partition, and there is a dead angle between the windows and the doors and windows themselves. Gap and shade angle are many; the partition plate splicing uses the traditional cover strip method, has added the seam way and so on. In conclusion, these disadvantages are extremely detrimental to clean and sterile disinfection of sterile plants.

Lightness Steel Joist

The medium density double-sided plastic plate partition and polyurethane foam insulation composite plate are used to replace the traditional brick masonry wall and paint coating. It can be seen that with the progress of science and technology in our country, it brings great changes in people's life. Here we share with you the characteristics and applications of various new types of wooden movable partitions.


Movable partition brings great convenience to people's work. It has the function of a general wall, but lighter and more mobile than the general wall. Its partition function can save space more reasonably and effectively. For example:

Movable partitions, when necessary, can be folded on one side so that the two spaces are temporarily joined to appear larger and convenient for temporary departmental small meetings.

The moving partition is highly detachable, and the movable partition is removable, portable, and reconfigurable.

The movable partition has the characteristics of high noise insulation, fire prevention, removable, simple operation and so on.

It is suitable for the use of star hotels, banquet halls, high-grade restaurant rooms, senior office rooms, etc.

A series of products have been widely used in hotels, hotels, multi-functional halls, conference rooms, banquet halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, financial institutions, government office buildings, hospitals, factories and many other occasions.
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