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Partitions are made of high-quality steel,plating on the surface,material and production process all comply with relevant national standards,tracks mounted on the ceiling play a supporting role, the effect of the hanging wheel seat connecting the double horizontal hanging wheel and the screen, upper and lower pressure seal screens and ground, ceiling clearance,plays the role of soundproofing and fixed screens, sealing tape is black,sealed sound and buffering of the contact surface,noise-absorbing cotton adopts Owens sound-absorbing glass fiber, with fire performance noise reduction coefficient, are in line with the United States ASTN related standards,telescopic mechanism automatically adjusts the gap between screen and floor. Other activities partition accessories: wheel set、square iron plate、dicode、hinge、Partition Track, lock system、retractable board、indices、ultrahigh track clip、arc-shaped iron corner、retractable mechanism、ultrahigh type iron wheel、iron track、double wheel、mono wheel、aluminum track. wheel roller made of pom, using 6304-2RS  bearing material, screw made of 88 quenched and tempered steel, wire tooth size, bearing hanging wall and rail connections, so that screen in the horizontal plane can be rotated at any angle, can be smooth through the rail of the L, T,+ intersection.

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