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Glass Movable Partition

Glass Movable partition is a kind of active glass wall which can divide large space into small space at any time or connect small space into large space and GaoYou movable glass walls can be frameless and with aluminum frame.

The GaoYou movable glass wall systems are ideal for any application where transparency, natural sunlight and versatility are required. Whether the purpose is to link or separate, add security, provide noise or thermal insulation for the Indoor environment, GaoYou solutions are available in a variety of configurations to meet your design requirements.

Gaoyou glass partition wall is supported on tracks from above — no floor tracks are needed, the glass panels are fixed by floor pins when they are in the opening to keep the safety and steady of the panels.

1000 to 1100mm width of the top and bottom aluminum clip to hold the 12mm thick tempered glass and hardware.
The movable glass partition can be sliding and folding along the aluminum track on the ceiling. When you don’t need it, can stock to the room.

Products From Gaoyoupartition
  • Aluminum Frame Glass Movable Partition

    GaoYou aluminum frame movable glass partition consists of glass surrounded with an aluminum frame that is normal 65mm or 85mm thick. Each panel has top and bottom sweep seals and a 22.5 clearance gap ...

  • Frameless Glass Movable Partition

    Gaoyou frameless glass movable partition consist of 12mm glass panels mechanically fastened to horizontal top and bottom rails(aluminum clamps). The glass has polished edges and no vertical trim-altho...

GaoYou  glass movable partition system parameters


600mm - 1200mm maximum

Thickness of panels



Up to 3500mm


average 32.00Kg/m2 for whole panels

Panel Joint

Clear PVC joint


anodized or electrophoresis or powder coating to all exposed aluminum components available in a wide range of standard colors as required

Hardware and accessory

high-quality stainless steel handle, glass clips, aluminum track, and hinge. More details please contact our salespersons.

Sound insulation

Performance: About STC25Db


Paper Carton and Wooden Pallet

Gaoyou movable glass wall has the following characteristics:

 1. no floor track, just install the track on the ceiling, suspend from the top.

 2. stability and safety: after separation, it is stable and reliable, and is not easy to swing.

 3. sound isolation: the sound insulation effect is general;

 4. heat insulation and energy saving: excellent insulation performance. According to different occupancy rate, large space can be divided into small space and transparent, so as to reduce air conditioning power consumption.

 5. efficient fire retardant: the use of efficient fire-resistant materials, fire performance is good;

 6. beautiful and generous: arbitrary decoration on the surface, which can be decorated with indoor decoration effect.

 7. retractable flexibly: the diaphragm can be sliding and folding freely so that one can complete the partition process.

 8. convenient collection: when the board is closed, the clapboard can be hidden in the special storage cabinet, which does not affect the overall appearance, mostly in the dance training room, showroom, restaurant, hotel.

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