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Which one has Good Sound Insulation Effect?

The sound insulation effect of the movable partition depends on how many decibels the partition wall can eliminate. Today I'll talk about the sound insulation effect of the movable partition.
1. Sound isolation effect of movable partition

The sound insulation coefficient of the movable partition comes from many directions, not only in the partition wall itself, but also in other links. Let me show you the sound insulation effect of the middle-sky partition.

1. Horizontal sound insulation
In order to achieve the best sound insulation effect, we use two layers of rubber structure. Using the principle of jack, the double-layer rubber strip is pressed on the track and floor of the ceiling to provide a high stability movable partition.
2. Corner sound insulation
We use special shaped image glue corner assembly to solve the technical problems of sealing the corner parts, and also achieve superior stability and sound insulation effect.
3. Vertical sound insulation
All of our sound insulation walls adopt the principle of highly elastic vertical close side, concave and convex groove close fit to ensure the best closure and sound insulation effect.

4. Skeleton
In view of the suspension structure of the wallboard, which allows it to sway freely, the metal hoops between the wallboards are closely combined, effectively blocking the transmission of sound. The panel can be replaced as required by the interior design without damaging the whole wall panel.
5. Soundproof material
The skeleton is filled with additional sound insulation materials to meet different sound insulation requirements.

6. Operate the crank
Manual operation of the crank controls the expansion of the soundproof strip. The flexibility of the rhomboid bayonet in the crank makes the crank not easy to slide.
7. The panel
The framework of partition wall panel is composed of aluminum alloy and steel pipe. This rigid, non-deforming skeleton is tightly coupled with wallboard metal hoops, providing great stability and high acoustic insulation.
Second, the role of partition
Active partition brings great convenience to people's work. It has general wall function, but it is lighter and more mobile than ordinary wall. The function of partition can save space more reasonably and effectively.

1. The movable screen can be folded on one side when needed, so that the two spaces can be temporarily joined together to make it appear larger and convenient for temporary departmental meetings.
2. High movable partition, movable partition is removable and reconfigurable.
3. The movable partition has the characteristics of high sound insulation, fire prevention, movable and simple operation.
4. Suitable for star hotel banquet hall, upscale restaurant compartment, upscale office meeting room and other places to use space interval.
5. Activity partition and fixed partition series products have been widely used in hotels, multi-functional halls, conference rooms, banquet halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, financial institutions, government offices, hospitals, factories and other occasions.

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