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The Main Feature of Glass Partition

Speaking of partition, you may think of glass partition first, after all, it is the most common design at present. Today I'll tell you about the main features of glass partition of GaoyouPartion.
Feature 1
1. Glass partition products can be partially disassembled and reused for many times. It is cheaper and more cost-effective to install high partition system materials for good partition manufacturers than other partition materials.

2. During the use of glass partition, the position of door, window, solid module and glass partition can be changed at any time, and can be reused. After the material is disassembled and assembled, the damage is minimal, and the cost of frequent office relocation can be greatly reduced.

3. The inner structure of glass partition can be conveniently laid. It is more convenient to maintain and replace the cables without embedding the walls. The strong and weak electric currents are separated. The cable groove can shield the signal lines.

4. Glass partition installation is faster than ordinary partition wall.

5. Glass partition is fire-resistant and fireproof. The partition system is composed of all metal structures. Glass and coloured steel plates are also fire-resistant. When the interior structure of the compartment system is steel structure, its fire resistance limit is 30 MIN, 60 MIN or longer.

6. Glass partition is pollution-free and odor-free. It can be used immediately after installation.
7. The inner side of the glass partition door frame is pre-installed with a sealing strip, which improves the sound insulation effect and sealing performance. The door bottom sealing strip can be added to complete the sound insulation system.
8. The import glass door lock of the glass partition can be installed in the middle part, which is very convenient to use.
9. Glass partition high-quality imported blinds can be installed inside two layers of glass, it is not easy to dirty, free of cleaning.

10. Glass partition has good sound insulation effect and partition wall has excellent sound insulation effect.
11. Glass partition has a variety of material choices, you can choose double glass with blinds, you can also choose color steel plate, gypsum board, melamine board, fire-proof board, fabric and so on.
12. Various colors of glass partition are available for you to choose. Each material has a variety of colors. Components of different colors can be used together. You can even specify or provide decorative materials of any color and texture.
13. The construction noise of glass partition manufacturer is low. It does not affect the work and life of the people around it.
14. The effect of glass partition products is fashionable, elegant, concise and delicate.

Feature two
1. Fast installation, environmental protection and safety, fire-proof and fire-resistant, long service life, reusable, reasonable price.
2. The product specifications and standards are unified, and the materials of different locations can be used universally to reduce the cost of office relocation.
3. Unified survey plan before construction, reasonable consideration and design of power outlet, broadband, telephone and other lines.
4. Sound insulation effect is good: the inner and bottom of glass door frame can be installed with sealing strips, which can greatly improve the sound insulation performance.
5. It is pollution-free and odor-free, easy to clean, and can be used immediately after the completion of the project.
6. Material selectivity: According to customer's construction needs, materials of various specifications, sizes and colors can be provided, and various components can be used together.

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