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The installation skills of wooden movable partition, who knows?

1. Check the track parts that are assembled on the floor in order before the installation of movable partition;
2. Mark the track line and place the bracket in the specific position;
3. Install movable partition rail bracket facing the ceiling;
4. Check whether the movable partition is firmly fixed on the track, and the track and bracket must be loosely stored in the storage area, so that the bracket plate can be moved to other places;
5. The proper position of the storage track shall be measured before the installation of the main track. This is very important for the placement of the intersection, so that the installation work of the moving partition can be continued below;
6. Remember that the orbit should be loose enough on top of all the brackets, so as to guarantee the pause time of the orbit;
7. After laying the track with movable partition, firmly pull the connection of all tracks, adjust the horizontal height of track correctly, and the direction of track installation must be horizontal and straight;
8. During the installation of rail facilities, sound-proof cotton is necessary for the installation of plates;
9. Before closing the movable partition, the height of the carrier must be adjusted to check the flat Angle of the track, so that the track partition can run well;
10. Check whether all the movable partitions are vertical. If there is no damage, it can enter the aluminum frame edge of rubber seal vertically and not bend;
11. If the track direction is horizontal, but the movable partition is suspended and overturned, the height of the carrier must be adjusted.
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