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Restaurant Partition Wall

The space collocation of partition of dining-room
The style of partition of dining-room
1. The most popular way of partition is undoubtedly dimming glass partition. This is a truly high-tech and multi-functional way to partition. It can effectively cut the space, and can easily choose the privacy and openness of the space, At the same time, it can be projected on the partition wall at any time and used as whiteboard.
2. The office decoration design should pay attention to the shaping of space, because what we use is not real walls, but the virtual space surrounded by them. If you don't have glass dividers, your office is way out of date. Many enterprises use glass as office partition. In the west, many enterprises use glass partition to solve a large number of space problems. Everybody should know the daylighting of glass partition is special good, and still can solve the problem of insufficient space. The price is about the same as the partition wall, but in terms of beauty, that's a big difference. A lot of enterprises are to use glass partition, its effect is particularly good.
The trend of the match of the restaurant partition
1. Image building. The partition does not bear the weight, so the freedom of the shape is very large, the design should pay attention to the height, length and virtual reality of the change and unification.
2. Color scheme. Partition is a part of the bedroom, the color should coordinate with the foundation part of the bedroom.
3. Selection and processing of materials.
According to the above two principles, we can select and process materials carefully, so as to achieve good image building and beautiful color matching. Partition is a non-functional component, so the decorative effect of materials can be put in the first place.
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