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Conference Room Partition

The movable partition walls of conference rooms are usually 85 or 100 types movable partition walls. Because the greater the thickness of the partition wall, the better the sound insulation effect. The movable partition walls of conference rooms are usually made of Eucalyptus or hard packages, while a few units use soft packages. Because the cost of soft packages is higher and the sound insulation effect is better, some units with high requirements also use soft packages. Shanghai's activities are highly partitioned. The use of partitions can be said to be tailored to local conditions. According to the needs of their own home space, they can be flexible in any place, and the partition materials and forms that can be used can also be fully imagined. This is the most common type of partition, cheap, according to the style of the corresponding carving type can be selected. Shanghai is a city with high activity partition. This kind of partition is usually made of density board combined with computer carving and painting. It can be customized according to the size of your home. In today's partition wall space decoration, in addition to the most popular Al-Mg alloy glass high partition and other common glass partition style, the simplified partition wall that can also be flexible and ingenious design according to the specific circumstances of office space, to achieve small space for large use. High partition for Shanghai activities, such as movable and closed partition screens, can be used to form a mobile "glass partition wall". Use glass partition wall to divide the position of employees, so as to keep them apart, fashionable and innovative.

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